Saturday, December 17, 2011

Master Bedroom Finished

Wallpaper is up, wall art up, feature wall painted, bed re-assembled with better pads under the legs and that about finishes the master bedroom in time for the move in.


  1. Hi I have just stumbled across your blog and I am looking to build with Metricon in the Observatory also. I have found a lot of negative comments about Metricon online, though from what I can gather the complaints are all VIC based. How did you find the build and service and did you get independent building inspections at certain stages of the build?
    You have done a lovely job choosing finishes and colours I also loved the grandview plan but am going for the Fortitude 37. Any feedback you have would be very appreciated thanks!

  2. Hi Chelsea, You've done your homework well and you are right most of the complaints are Victoria or NSW based. We had an excellent site supervisor which made a big difference for us. The build was good and we had 2 independent inspections. Also we have been very impressed with the ongoing service and support with a few small issues coming up out of the normal warranty period and Metricon going out of their way to help sort them. More than happy to help you with any other information or questions you might have.
    Regards Charlie