Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bismarck Palm Planted

It's in the ground! Now we wait and see if it survives.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bismarckia Nobilis

I've been trying to arrange one of these since before Christmas, finally bit the bullet and picked one up last week. This will be planted in the raised garden bed behind and below as you look at the picture.

Landscaping Along Fence Line

Here we have planted Lilly Pilly Resilience with Lemon Scent as a feature plant around every 4m. Hopefully the mulch will stay in place after a while and not slide down the bank. Our experience with Cyprus bark mulch is it takes a set after a while and won't move unless you have a really heavy down pour.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lawn Grubs

These guys are back! Time for the pellets again.

Garden Shed Site

This is going to be the location for a 3m x 2m garden shed for storing the lawn mower and garden tools.

Fence Complete

Fence went up very quickly when we finally were able to get the fence contractors on site. The rain from earlier in the year had put them way behind. All good except for some unknown reason the contractor stopped short about 800mm from the agreed end/start??

Office Guest Chair

Just won this on an eBay auction...bargain at $270. Should match the other office furniture very well.

Office Furniture Coming Together

Spent up big with Freedom Furniture and took advantage of their January Sale. This is part of the Tate range and features matching desk, return and mobile filing cabinet. We had to sent back a few parts as they were damaged or poor surprise as I think we have had to send back about 80% of the furniture items we have purchased. It starts to get you down after a while and you hold your breath as each new item gets delivered.

More Kitchen Pictures

Not much to say about these pictures just some detail shots of the kitchen area. Hanging pendants are now all wired up. Not sure how the Technika appliances will perform and hold up over time, I don't have great expectations so I suppose we won't be disappointed.
We have left the Metricon supplied dishwasher in it's box to sell on eBay as we have a far better AEG dishwasher from our existing house we will move across. Anybody want to buy a cheap stainless