Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Frame Finished

Frame complete, guttering and facia attached. There maybe a chance of the roof going on tomorrow as the colourbond roofing has been delivered and is sitting on the block next door.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Frame Continued Day 2

Roof trusses being added today.

Another angle this time taken from the next street behind the block.

Front street view from right side of block.


Frame started to go up yesterday and is looking good except for a couple of buckled sections which I'll be discussing with our site supervisor Lincoln later on today. I wonder how these guys know which bits go where? I see a lot of numbers on the various sections. I also wonder how many bits will be left over? LOL

The View - Did I mention the view?

View from the lounge room using wideangle lens

Same view zoomed in this time. What you can see in the distance is the Burleigh Heads/Miami skyline.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Slab Complete

Slab poured with final smoothing in progress and weather looking ugly as a cyclone threatens the central coast of Queensland.

The final result and crazy weather looking much better.

Slab Formwork

Another break in the weather and things are starting to fly, Monday - Concrete piers are poured, Tuesday the plumbing is done and Wednesday the formwork is done ready for the slab pouring. If Metricon can keep this pace up the house will be complete well ahead of schedule.

Great Wall of Reedy Creek

With a break in the weather the boys from Eden Earthworks get going.

Earthworks - Finished

Flat block, now the fun starts!

Looking from the rear of the block. That front corner is going to be a problem, time to get creative!

Earthworks - Cut & Fill

The cut and fill started at the same time as our ongoing wet weather for March. The earthmovers managed to get the job done despite the weather and I suppose this is really where it all starts.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Highland Reserve Display

The above images remain the property of Metricon QLD Pty Ltd and are used purely for illustrative purposes only.

Grandview 26+

After deciding we'd love to build a Metricon Grandview virtually the same as the display home at Highland Reserve Estate on the Gold Coast we sat down with one of Metricon's Sales Consultants and ran through some figures and options.

The Sales Consultants name was Tom (I'll leave Tom's surname out for privacy reasons). Tom is based in Metricon's Gold Coast displays and was a huge help to us getting through the whole process leading up to contract signing.

I'd go as far to say if it wasn't for Tom I'd have spat the dummy early on and called it a day. Metricon can appear a little inflexible and demanding at first but after some persistence and learning the trick is how you ask the question we managed to pull together the design as we wanted it to be.

A big thank you Tom!

The display has a number of modifications over standard which we included and added a few more of our own. I'll the detail the changes as the build progresses.

Catch Up Time

Actually I'm playing catch up with my posts as the house has actually started and I'm still trying to fill in the details of the lead-up to commencing construction.