Saturday, August 28, 2010

Looking, Looking!

Finding we are spending more time looking for furniture and fittings then finishing the house. Hopefully this week I'll be able to clear the decks work wise and make a start on things to be done around the house. Decided on entertainment unit today and 20% off 3 day sale helped make the decision a little
Found a stunning marble coffee table and side table...with a stunning price tag to suit. Might have to think a little more about them.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Moving In - The Beginning!

Lounge turned up today after I applied a little pressure to the supplier. The rug took ages to pick but happy with the final decision.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Alarm Dramas

I reluctantly took the smart wiring and alarm bundle as I knew I was getting stitched up but without any other option for network wiring we took the deal.
Through the later stages of building I was vocal about the fact there is no training or basic setup of the alarm to your requirements. My argument was confirmed correct after hand over as the alarm wasn't in a working state (The backup battery was disconnected) and the user guide is full of holes and omissions. I'm an IT Tech by trade and not afraid of technology but setting up the alarm correctly and clearing some of the faults was beyond me.
On a positive note it's the loudest thing I've had to endure in my life...there is no way a thief would stay around once the alarm is triggered.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hand Over Completed

As of 1.30PM today it's all ours. Now just the drive way, paths, wooden flooring, extra lighting, window coverings, outdoor area concrete and landscaping to be
Actually the hand over gift from Metricon was very cool, way better than flowers or cheap wine. I won't spoil the surprise for those building with Metricon, you'll just have to wait and see :P

Sunday, August 15, 2010


The last two weekends have been bad for vandalism in the newest part of the estate and this weekend it was our turn. Next door had the builders bin set alight. Bit worried they'll be back next weekend which is after hand over. Looks like I might be camping over with a shotgun ;)
A call to our SS first thing Monday morning might be in order. Worst thing is the damage to the render.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Walk Through Pictures Part 1

A few crazy wide angle lens distortions showing up in some shots but you get the idea.

Hand Over Date Set

YESSSSS!! We have a date for hand over, this Tuesday coming, the 17th of August. Touched base with our SS today and virtually everything is done that needed to be done from our list. Arranged insurance today and gas bottles tomorrow so there will be hot water.

Frameless Shower Screen Finished

The finished product. Very impressed with these and Euroglass who fitted them. Small stuff up with ensuite screen as the stay that attaches to the roof was the wrong length, so will have to wait for another one to be made. It won't hold us up as it's not required for glass certificate.

Things Are Getting Fixed :)

The correct sized mirror that fills the niche without any large gaps has been fitted and the silicone man has worked his magic on the gaps that remained. Overall a much better result than the first attempt. Thanks again to our SS for some butt kicking.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Warning Adults Only - Where's Todd?

Haven't had any huge f**k-ups so Todd didn't get the call...hehehe

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Things To Be Done

1. Sliding cupboard doors in garage need adjusting as they scraping along internal shelves... a bit of a what were they thinking moment. 2. Stone bench tops need a really good clean as they are stained. 3. Actually the whole house needs another good clean. 4. The replacement mirror in the lounge niche needs a bead of silicone around it. 5. Weep holes near gas cylinders need to be filled in (Building inspector spotted that one). 6. Dirty grout...see item 3. 7. Still some painting issues but painter is cracking the sh*ts about how many times they have had to come back. Will have to discuss this with SS as some of the painting corrections are getting worse than the original problem. 8. Front pivot entry door has a strange mark right across the lower section...not sure what we can do about it.

Telstra Velocity Pricing

Just in case anyone doesn't already know, Telstra/BigPond have dropped their pricing on Velocity (Fibre Optic) plans. It's actually looking like a competitive deal now and the timing couldn't be better for us as we approach hand over.

Earth For Telstra ONT

Funny thing happened....Metricon don't provide an earth wire at rough-in stage for the Telstra ONT. I told the Telstra installer to run the earth on the surface and I'd get the sparky to try and run it in the cavity after hand over, also told our SS to not worry about it. I did however inform upper management that it was something that should be noted for future builds in Telstra Smart community estates. Long story short someone in management must have requested it be fixed and this is the result. A neat tidy correction better than I hoped for...thanks Metricon.

Shower Screens Part 2

Partially complete shower screen in bathroom. Waiting on door which is measured after the rest of the shower screen is fitted. Part of the reason frame less shower screens are more expensive is the extra stages of fitting, 3 visits to install in this case. These where supposed to be done after hand over which Metricon agreed to at contract stage but the certifier wouldn't issue a final pass without the shower screens fitted. To Metricons credit they didn't make a big deal of it and left me to arrange it as I saw fit. We are really happy with the work carried out so far with the screens and would recommend anyone in south east Queensland try these guys, Euroglass Australia on 1300 654 856. By the way they thumped their bigger competitors on price and service. Saved about $700 on average.

Shower Screens Part 1

Ensuite done, just waiting on support bracket to be fitted to ceiling.

Window In Shower Installed

Looks OK in the photos but in reality the execution leaves a little to be desired. Not really Metricons fault more like too many ideas from too many people. This could be up for a rework after hand over. Part of the problem is the window and aluminium frame are dead square but the tiled opening isn't so there is a fair bit of silicon sealer taking up the slack. I'll talk to Euroglass who is doing the frame less shower screens as I'm very happy with their work so far.

Lack Of Posts

Yes I apologise for the lack of posts lately but things stalled for the last 2 weeks with nothing really getting done which was disappointing to say the least.
Just when I was about to launch into ballistic mode things fired up again. Our SS must be able to sense my thoughts...scary...hehe

Are We There Yet??

Well almost there, no official hand over date yet but all going well it could be Friday. YES!!! hehe.
Still some niggling issues to be resolved but nothing too huge so fingers crossed.

Off Topic Distraction

Finally got to see my all time fav car of the moment in the flesh, 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT. It's part of the Queensland Surf Life Saving prize draw. Naturally I've bought don't bother it's all