Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Block - 2 (Unfinished)

Another view. Click on the image for a larger sized picture.

The Block - 1 (Unfinished)

Unfinished block prior to settlement.

The Land

As I mentioned in my last post after much searching and disappointment we located a block at the Observatory, a Stockland estate located at Reedy Creek.

There are cheaper estates around but for location and large block sizes (By today's standards) we couldn't find anything else that suited.

The block is 819 sq m and located beside a park which means there are only two neighbouring blocks, one to the rear and one to the left side of the block.

Stockland constructed a developers fence on the boundary side at their expense, something I'm still in two minds about. In hindsight I'd rather have had a nice tasman block retaining wall down that side with the fence set back slightly on the retained ground level.

The Beginning

Well here we are building the house that happened by accident. My partner Kayleyne and myself were out looking around at display homes with the view to building an investment property and fell in love with the Metricon Grandview 26 featured at Highland Reserve on the Gold Coast.

Talk about love at first sight, the
openness of the design and the layout were excellent. To their credit Metricon designs just work without having any awkward design errors or parts that seem like an after thought.

So began the process to build this as our new house. First we needed a block of land, somewhere central on the Gold Coast and not to expensive. The former two requirements don't really go together here on the Gold Coast and after much searching around the southern end of the Gold Coast we decided that the Stockland estate located high up on the hill behind Reedy Creek was about the only option.