Sunday, June 26, 2011

Downpipe Relocation

This a another job I've been putting off for a while. Actually it's fallen back to me as no one wants to do small guttering jobs last time I checked. Anyway this ugly non-centred, sticks out like *#@ is getting relocated to where all Grandview Vogues have it. Tucked away around the corner.

Someone must have had a brain snap the day they drew the plans for the down pipes as it conflicted with a light fitting and really doesn't drain much roof area compared to where it's going to be relocated to.

Cute Cat Found In Cupboard

Our cat Rolly has a thing about cupboards, sometimes getting locked in until we hear the knocking from

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rendering Outdoor Features

A small milestone today as the rendering of our outdoor hardscaping takes place. Looks like it turned out well and I look forward to painting the features and finishing off a another part of the landscaping.

Cooktop Update 3 - Final

It's done! A word of warning though...these cooktops come jetted from the factory for Natural gas. They also include the jets for LPG which we needed but it isn't an easy conversion as the whole cooktop needs to be dismantled to change the wok burner jets. My gas fitter decided to pass which I support him on, I called the retailer and asked for a service call at Siemens cost and I'm pleased to say Siemens agreed.

The repair agent they sent out also agreed it was a tricky job but he completed the change without fuss and fine tuned the cooktop...very happy.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Metal Screen Added

I found the front office window very exposed with no eaves so after some thought and looking around I decided to get this screen made. It serves a few purposes, protection from the weather, helps block some of the west afternoon sun and adds a little privacy. The silver powder coating is a perfect match for the A&L Windows frame colour which is a bonus (I planned it that way but was surprised how good it was).

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cooktop Update 2

Nearly there!...I had the Caesar stone cut today and we now have a cooktop sitting where it should be in preparation for the Gas fitter to come and hook it up. The power cord is on the opposite side to the original so not too sure what's the best solution for that. Stay tuned.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Front Stairs Take Shape

The front stairs will be finished in the same way as the back with tiles and granite. I'm expecting the renderers later in the week if the weather holds. They will be rendering the planter boxes and the walls bordering the stairs at the rear of the property.

The next step will be concreting a path from the stairs to the front door and then the long overdue driveway.

The Grand Design Nearing Completion

A few shots of the cleaned rocks that form the retaining walls. You can now see the final form of the stairs which lead to the future BBQ area. The stairs will be tiled and the top of each step covered in rebated granite.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cooktop Update

Removed the Metricon supplied cooktop today, which wasn't as hard as I expected. I bought a special plastic Silicone removal tool which helped a lot. The new Siemens cooktop has the same hole depth but not width...which is the part I've been dreading...getting the hole in the Caesar stone enlarged and the dust that goes with it.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Planter Detail Close-up

Around the base of the planter I have installed a drainage channel which will be covered with shade cloth and then polished black rocks as shown above.

The Grand Design Progress

The final planter box design after an initial hiccup on the original design. We are much happier with this L-Shaped layout. Next step will be to render,paint and plant out. Thinking of Star Jasmine for the feature plant.

Before & After

Mud! Feels a bit like trench warfare at the moment. Anyway a before and after shot of the stairs which will lead down to the BBQ area.