Monday, April 26, 2010


Yes we have had a theft off the building site! A $7.00 straw broom. Now an enterprising and well prepared thief might see a several thousand dollar pivot door as a more tempting proposition but it seems the need wasn't that

Don't think I'll be offering a reward but I'm a little pissed off as it was only 2 weeks old...hehe

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Heated Towel Rail

A little luxury for those chilly winter mornings but proving to be a bit dramatic to get organized, first one was damaged when unpacked. Ordered a replacement only to find the power outlet is on the wrong side. Hopefully it's not going to matter as I'm trying to get it hard wired into the wall with a PDL 7 day timer to turn it on a couple of hours before use in the morning and evening.

Brickwork Completed

Brickwork all finished as of the 20th of this month which was Tuesday just gone. Looks rather rough but seeming the house will be rendered I suppose that's to be expected.

I hate the location of the whirlybird vents on the roof. We had it written into the contract that they were not to be visible from the front street view, in other words placed down a bit from the ridge line of the roof. Seems the installers turned up to drop off insulation and decided they'd install the vents ahead of schedule without any direction from our SS or myself. Anyway SS reckons he will get them back to install them as per contract and they'll have to pay to repair roof as well.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Brickwork Started

Actually the brickwork was started over a week ago and has been completed earlier this week. Will post newer pictures over the weekend.

Stacker Doors

To keep the costs down we decided on aluminium stacker doors for the lounge dining areas, also easier to screen than the bi-folds. In case you were wondering the cost difference was massive as in $10K plus compared to going with bi-folds here as well.

Bi-fold Doors Installed

Once again I'm trying to catch up with posting, there just aren't enough hours in the day at the moment. As you can see the bi-fold doors have been installed. We paid for 1 set and the other set was free with the Momentum package from Metricon. Interesting side note, because they have an odd number of sections one section acts as a normal door without having to open up everything. The left bi-fold is open in this way.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Windows & Doors Delivered

Checked the site late this afternoon to find all the external doors and windows except the wooden bifolds have been delivered so we should expect those will be fitted tomorrow. Nice to see they slipped them into the garage rather then leaving them outside.

More Plumbing Pictures

Waste for ensuite moved as promised (It's now very clear how far out it was).

Connections for gas hot water system.

Laundry tap connections and laundry tub waste connection.

Plumbing Rough-in Completed

Plumbing rough-in was started on Friday and completed today. Very happy with the work done as it all looks neat and with excellent workmanship throughout though it was lucky I touched base with the plumber early on Friday as the plan had our expensive shower rail way off to the left of centre.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Had a run past the site and found frame has been wrapped in insulation and after a quick call to our site superviser found out plumbing rough in will start tomorrow.

Also received a call from Andy of Eden Earthworks to inform me he will be back onsite to glue down the capping on the retaining wall tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing the finished result, should be good.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Roof completed

Roof completed today after a few days of work by a small team which also included working partly over the easter break. Block has been back filled around slab and we lost about 55 square metres of dirt from the rear of the block which makes things look much cleaner now.

Not expecting much more to happen during the rest of this week as next week looks to be a big one with plumbing, electrical, carpentry and brickwork booked in.