Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cutlery Draw

How to finish this draw had me stumped for a while, the reason? In the original Metricon design of the kitchen there was a small cupboard beside the normal draws for cutlery etc, we gave the cupboard the flick and increased the height and width of the draws loosing a draw in the process. All good so far but the new width was at odds with industry standard cutlery trays until we found this one at Kitchens Plus. Cost was around $30 and had to be cut down to fit but the finished result I think looks the part...very professional and better than the Metricon cabinet makers attempt.

Landscaping Progress

It's good to see some fine weather again and a chance to get outside and attend to the landscaping. These are the pavers outside the laundry door, they are 500mm square coloured concrete. They have been sealed to try and pump up there colour as they looked washed out after being laid for a short while. Sealing them helped and also improved the wet grip which was a surprise, apparently there is an additive in the sealer to improve the wet grip.
I planted the mini Mondo Grass which has been sitting around for weeks waiting for the weather to clear so I could seal the pavers. Parts of the Mondo Grass look a little worse for the wear but I'm sure it will bounce back.

Lamp Table

We have just about purchased all new furniture for the house except for making a final decision on the dinning chairs and entertainment unit. It wasn't our original intention to buy all new furniture but that's the way it's unfolded and we have been making the most of the January sales.
Bought this lamp table for a resonable price ($325) from a specialist up market furniture shop in Bundall, Gold Coast called Inspirations Furniture (Their also in Melbourne). You can check out the website

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Timber Flooring Laid

After 1 false start which cost us 6 weeks of waiting we finally have some of the engineered timber floor laid. The study and 2 front bedrooms have been done and we are very happy with the result. We will leave the master bed room for later as there is still some major works to be undertaken in that area.
The timber species we picked is Spotted Gum which we picked for it's variation in colour, strong grain structure and above average hardness.
The tradesman who laid the floor is Peter Lee who can be contacted on 0430 041401 or emailed on We were both impressed with Peter's workmanship and professional attitude....he actually turned up when he said he would every

Sydney Getaway

We both needed to getaway from the crap Queensland weather for a while so we took time out with family in Sydney for a for days. It was great to have several fine days in a row something that hasn't happened in SE Queensland for a long while.
Slipped into the Sydney city, did the tourist thing and snapped a few photos along the way.