Sunday, May 29, 2011

Glass Shelf Added To Showers

These were the last tiles to be drilled and wouldn't you know it the drill bit snapped in the last hole! I was really lucky as I was able to pull the broken part back out with a pair of long nose pliers. The shelf is made in Spain and supplied by Reece Plumbing. We found the style really matched the frame less shower screen fittings perfectly.

Feature Wall

First feature wall done in guest bedroom.

Rear Rock Wall Complete

This is were we are up to as of Friday. This week brings planter boxes and stairs front and rear if the weather holds up. The walls need a good pressure wash to clean them up and bring out the colour.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Floating Shelf

These aren't easy to get right....Tip: Try to mount it to something secure like the house frame or they will sag and ruin the whole effect. It took me a few goes to get it right and even then I had run some packing tape under the lower edge of the shelf mount to act us a shim and prevent sagging.

One Of The Locals

Hardscaping Progress

These pictures show a near complete first level wall. The second level will be stepped one metre back from the lower level.

Cooktop Finally Arrived

Rumours that our cooktop was on a slow boat from Germany sailing via the Antarctic appear to have been slightly exaggerated but it seemed to take forever. It's finally here after we picked it up Saturday from Brisbane. Now to get it installed.

Final Hardscaping

The beginning of the end! No it's not the end of the world just the final phase of our hardscaping. The guys from Eden Earthworks are going to be with us for the next few weeks doing rock walls, steps and planter boxes to complete all the hardscaping.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Under Bench Lighting Effect

Over the last fortnight I've been slowly installing some LED strip lighting under the kick panel of the kitchen cupboards. The strips I bought from Hong Kong are waterproof but didn't come with an adhesive backing and it took a while to settle on the best solution for gluing it under the benches as double sided tape wouldn't stick to the strip lighting. The final result was obtained by using white bathroom silicon. Since I've taken this picture 3 LED's in a block have failed which means I'll have to replace the whole strip....not happy! TIP: I suspect the failure was caused by over handling as in showing too many people how it worked and what it looked like.

I'll be adding a dimmer as the stuff is very bright at full voltage and the effect will be turned off and on by wireless remote. I'll post more info and pictures as I progress.

Outdoor Area Lighting

I've added some deck lights to the perimeter of the outdoor area. These are wooden deck lights which have been sunk into the slab by getting it core cut by a professional...well worth the $150. What he did in half an hour would have taken me a day and also the cost of a core bit. Still in the process of wiring it up in conduit etc.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Finally We Have Wallpaper!

Not the best photo but here it is on the super expensive self import wallpaper. I'll post some better pictures when I get a chance. There has been heaps happening but no time to post.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wild Storms

We took a hammering earlier in the week with wild lightning and rainfall like I haven't seen before.....50mm in one hour. There was flash flooding of roads on the hill and our landscaping looks like it's been put through a blender. There is mulch in places I have no idea how it could get there!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Stop The Gold Coast Quarry

Yes unbelievably they (Boral) are proposing to build a quarry right in the middle of 3 modern housing estates and the pristine Tallebudgera Valley. On top of that it appears corporate/political cronyism is alive and well in Queensland with the Bligh government calling it a significant project.

We need your help to stop this project in it's tracks and if your a Queensland resident you can help by following the link above to sign the Queensland Parliament E-Petition.